Sunrise Seafood Restaurant

Dining experience in Skala Kefalonias

Welcome to the most tasty story of Kefalonia


 It’s always pleasing when you stumble upon a hidden gastronomic gem on holiday, and for anybody heading to Skala beach in Kefalonia SUNRISE FISH RESTAURANT fits the bill perfectly.

The family-run joint has been serving fresh seafood for more than 30 years but is just as adept at classic dishes as the more contemporary side of the Greek cuisine.

We are #FishLovers





Our Place

In a very elegant hall every visitor enjoy a dinning experience based on fresh materials from Kefalonia and also other part of Greece combined with wine or beer or ouzo that produced strictly in Greece.

Sunrise fish restaurant start 30 years ago and mend to lead in the gastronomic identity of Kefalonia. The founder Victor Diakrousis with clear vision and lot of personal work manage to strength a project that seem doomed to fail in the beginning.

Also manage to transfer to his two sons George and Andreas the willing of achieving the goals you set and also the many years of experience in restaurant business in Greece and New York.

The Experience

The last few year the two brothers George (bachelor degree in management, master degree in restaurant operation and also accomplish the sommelier courses in Athens) and Andreas ( graduate from the best chef’s school in Greece and be  a member of the chef’s club in Greece,  and following every year numerous of seminars regarding the new trends and technics) apply fresh ideas and transform Sunrise fish restaurant into a gastronomical destination in Kefalonia.

With grate respect into the Greek culture round food and drink and also hospitality work every day- all day to provide the best possible authentic Greek dinning experience.

Take a seat on the restaurant shaded outdoor terrace and get ready for a feast to remember.